And so it begins

Eva texted that she was in the mood for some ribs and I responded in the only logical way: “where to?”

We decided to meet at Ribbees, a branch of Goldee’s Barbecue that only serves (you guessed it) ribs. Turns out they weren’t open on this random Tuesday, so we put our hungry heads together and decided to try another new spot in town: Brix. Well turns out Brix was still putting some finishing touches on the construction and their ribs would have to wait, so we moseyed over to Magnolia Ave to visit Heim.

They were open and, finally, we ate ribs.

After wiping our mouths and hands, we talked about wanting to go back and try Ribbees and Brix. And then the conversation evolved into wanting to try #AllTheRibsEverywhere. Any why not? We live in a state famous for its BBQ.

We decided it’d be fun to journal our adventures. That meant we needed a blog. And if we had a blog, it had to have a name. And Ribsky Business was born.

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